RP-4D-V1 are resistance type flexible film pressure sensor with four independent sensing zone which is capable of detect forces from up, down, left, and right four directions. The resistance output value in sensing zone varies with the force applied to it and its direction to sense the location and movement of forces.

Thin-film pressure sensors
use high-tech raw materials

The RP-4D sensor has excellent mechanical properties
Polyester film, composed of highly conductive materials and nano-scale pressure-sensitive materials,
The top layer is a flexible film and a pressure-sensitive layer compounded on top, and the bottom layer is soft
Sexual film and composite on the top of the conductive circuit. Both through double-sided tape
Bonding and isolation of the sensing area. When the sensing zone is pressurized, it is on the bottom layer
Lines that are disconnected from each other are channeled through the top-level pressure-sensitive layer of the port
The output value of the resistor varies with the pressure.

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Timely response


Durable on the outside

Operate with gloves

Low power consumption

Array Sensor features

  • Excellent Force Sensation
  • QuickResponse
  • Durable long life
  • Light and Soft
  • Customized Design
  • Location and magnitude of the force
  • Control panel buttons of the machine tool
  • Gamecontroller buttons

Dementia/Alzheimer rehabilitation

Product Parameter

Thickness:  0.3mm
Form: Flexible
Trigger force: 10g
Pressure range: 10g~1kg
Reaction Mode: Soft touch pressurize
None-actuated resistance: >10M Ω
Activation time: <1mS
Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Life time: Over 20 million times of walking(in normal situation)
Resistance Working Range: 1KΩ~100KΩ
Response Time: <1ms
Waterproof: No
Dustproof: No
Electromagnetic interference EMI: No
Electrostatic release EDS: No
RoHS Yes

Product Application

Field of force sensing

Anthropomorphic robot

Consumer electronics

The field of smart health

Smart home

Security field

Medical field

In the field of industrial design
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