• Design and Manufacture FSR sensor

    FSR sensor can be used in wiper, seat, door, Headphones, glasses, helmets, pedal brake and other fields。


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FSR sensor

FSR sensor


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Let the machine have human-like skin

FSR sensor

The FSR sensor (Force Sensing Resistor) is a core component of wearable devices, human-computer interaction,

sports & health, smart medical care and Sleep monitoring industries.  Now LEGACT to become one of the few domestic grasp this

technology manufacturers.  It is more cost-effective and more productive.  

Learn What Matters

  • The soft — can be bent and folded, and the human touch experience is excellent.
  • thin — as thin as a paper and as thin as 0.3 mm for applications with precise control and extremely tight space.
  • Fast — minimum 2 g force trigger, response time less than 0.01S, accurate and no delay.
  • Long — service life of more than 1 million times, durable.
  • Stable — signal transmission is stable, super anti-interference, convenient for accurate data collection and analysis.

Force sensing resistor

Getting healthy data is as simple and convenient as breathing air.

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