✅ Thin Film Pressure Sensor
Product Overview: The thin film pressure sensor is a device used to detect and measure pressure applied to its surface. It converts pressure-induced changes in the thin film into electrical signals, commonly used in pressure detection, control, and various other fields. With its high sensitivity, long lifespan, and wide pressure sensitivity range, it finds widespread applications in industrial production, medical devices, and more.

❌ Thin Film Switch
Product Overview: The thin film switch is a type of switch that toggles circuits when pressure is applied. It is typically made of thin film material, and when pressure is exerted, the thin film deforms, triggering the switch to make or break the circuit connection. Due to its simple structural design and flexibility, it is commonly used in switch controls, electronic products, and similar applications.

Performance Indicator Thin Film Pressure Sensor Thin Film Switch
Principle ✔️ Pressure-induced changes ❌ Pressure-induced switch
Application Range ✔️ Pressure detection, control ✔️ Switch activation
Sensitivity ✔️ High ❌ Low
Structural Design ❌ Relatively complex ✔️ Relatively simple
Lifespan ✔️ Long ❌ Moderate
Flexibility ✔️ Yes ✔️ Yes
Thickness ✔️ Thin ✔️ Thin
Pressure Sensitivity Range ✔️ Wide ❌ None
Resistance when Not Triggered ✔️ High ✔️ High
Can Detect Magnitude of Force ✔️ Yes ❌ No


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