[Shenzhen, China] Legact Tech, a leading provider of sensor solutions, today officially unveils its revolutionary product – the MAT6 Mattress Pressure Mapping Kit. Designed to deeply optimize sleep experiences, this innovative kit integrates cutting-edge sensing technology with smart, user-friendly management, offering unprecedented pressure monitoring and analysis capabilities to mattress manufacturers, healthcare institutions, and research facilities.


【Product Highlights】


Precision Sensing Matrix The MAT6 Kit features six high-precision thin-film pressure sensors, each equipped with 255 sensing points, forming an ultra-dense pressure sensing network spanning 9001530mm. With individual sensor points only 14mm in diameter, it ensures precise capture of even minute changes in body pressure distribution.


Comprehensive Pressure Assessment The system enables real-time monitoring and analysis of sleepers’ body position, comfort levels, and potential high-pressure risk areas, providing scientific grounds for personalized sleep solutions. It effectively prevents pressure ulcers, particularly beneficial for long-term bedridden patients and those pursuing premium sleep quality.


Easy Installation & Operation The ingeniously designed sensor array is recommended to be installed over a rigid base with a protective padding layer, ensuring accurate data collection. With a straightforward USB connection and CH340 driver, users can直观ly visualize pressure distribution heatmaps and detailed reports on the PC software.


Intelligent PC Software The robust software interface not only displays real-time pressure values from each sensing point but also allows users to customize pressure thresholds and color mappings for effortless data interpretation. A one-click screen recording function facilitates documentation and playback of pressure change