Experience Advanced
Sleep Tracking

As long as the monitoring belt is placed on the bed, duvet cover, and other bedding products, without direct contact with the human body,
it can continuously track and analyze the user’s sleep information and health status, including heart rate,
respiration rate, sleep cycle, sleep report, sleep score, Sleep improvement suggestions, early warning of abnormal indicators, apnea and other vital body
movement information to achieve the effects of health monitoring and big data management.

Product features


Off the bed

In bed

  • WIFI connection
  • Medical grade heart rate monitoring
  • Medical-grade respiratory rate monitoring
  • Apnea monitoring
  • Sit up in seconds(Before leaving bed)monitoring

Body movements
  • Heavy object monitoring
  • The alarm was not returned from the bed
  • APP remote care
  • Multi-terminal real-time monitoring
  • Medical-grade sleep staging report
  • Snoring monitoring

Sit up
  • Medical grade respiratory disorder index
  • Count of the number of turns
  • Statistics on the number of times you leave the bed
  • Sleep time statistics
  • Sensorless monitoring

Features Of Sleep
Monitoring System

♦    Multi-dimensional tracking of heartbeat, breathing, and body movement information,
and monitoring of bed and exit.

♦    Record the time to fall asleep, the length of sleep, the proportion and distribution time
of deep, medium, and light sleep, and quantify sleep data.

♦    Monitor the abnormality of heartbeat and breathing, and record the time point, duration,
and a number of abnormalities.

♦    APP software is equipped with an AI algorithm to analyze big data and generate a sleep
assessment report.

♦    Scoring sleep quality according to multi-dimensional data parameters.

Know Your Nights

This technical solution has the advantages of ready-to-use, second-level response, sensorless remote monitoring,
medical-level accurate heart rate, and adaptive algorithms.

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Product Parameter

Communication methods WIFI
Product size: 900x150mm
Input voltage: DC 5V
Input current: 1000mA
Standby power consumption: 10uw
Working temperature: 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature: -15℃~60℃
Use humidity 30% – 90%  No condensation
Mobile phone support: Android devices: support Android 4.4 and above
Accessories: USB×1, manual×1, qualification certificate×1
warranty card×1

Competitor comparison

There are up to 8 kinds of second-level analytical states: leaving bed, sitting up, awake, sleeping, body movement, snoring, weak breathing,

and heavy objects;Second-level real-time alarm supports leaving bed, sitting up (early warning before leaving bed), etc.;

The sleep staging algorithm has been calibrated by medical institutions in Japan, China and other places and polysomnography systems;

Sleep quality uses an autonomic balancing algorithm to avoid simple random scoring.


Used In Multiple Fields

The sleep monitoring system can be used in cribs, home care, nursing homes, smart mattresses, and other fields.
There are multiple communication options (Bluetooth, WIFI, serial port, 4G, etc.).

Home Care

Smart Mattress

Nursing Home


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